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What staff members need to know about our volunteers

Where do volunteers serve?

Virginia Mason Memorial Volunteer serve in many capacities throughout our system. Our volunteers serve at the hospital, Cottage in the Meadow, North Star Lodge, Children's Village, and Ohana among other locations/departments.

How many hours do volunteers serve per week?

The typical volunteer serves 4 hours/week. There are some volunteers who serve less and some who serve more.

How many hours do volunteers serve annually?

Roughly 50,000 hours which is a cost savings of over $1,000,000 or 26 FTE's.

How many volunteers does Virginia Mason Memorial have?

We keep an active list of 350 volunteers and 2 auxiliary guilds.

How old do volunteers have to be to serve at Virginia Mason Memorial?

The minimum age requirement for volunteers is 16 years of age with a signed parent consent form.

What can volunteers do?

Volunteers can help departments with clerical work, help clinical floors with equipment rooms, carts, and stocking patient rooms, answer call lights, help round, be greeters, escort, data entry, and deliver various items to patients such as reading glasses, crossword puzzles, and newspapers to name a few.

Be INNOVATIVE! Volunteers may be able to help in ways we haven't yet thought of - please contact Volunteer Services with your ideas!

What can't volunteers do?

Volunteers can't perform any patient care of any kind and administer and dispense patient medication.

How do I get a volunteer?

Fill out a volunteer position description form and send via interoffice mail to Volunteer Services or via email at

If I have a project for a volunteer to do, how do I go about getting that completed?

Fill out the Volunteer Task Request and send via interoffice mail to Volunteer Services or via email at

If I want more information, who can I contact?

Joyce Scott, Volunteer Services Secretary at or (509) 577-5062.

Volunteer Services is in charge of lamination for the hospital. If you need lamination done, please deliver project to Volunteer Services (in the basement of the hospital) with detailed instructions and a due date. For more information, call or email Joyce Scott at 577-5062 or

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