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Job Shadowing & Observational Experiences

Thank you for your interest in Yakima Valley Memorial's Job Shadow Program. Job shadowing is an observational career exploration activity for those who are considering healthcare as an occupation. Shadowing offers an opportunity to spend time with a professional currently working in a person's career field of interest. You will be able to ask questions, find out the challenges of the field, and observe a typical day.


Job Shadow (2-20 hours)

  • Maximum of 20 hours per calendar year
  • Age 18 and above

***Our office is unable to coordinate shadowing a provider (MD, DO, PA, etc). Anyone applying to shadow with a provider must have approval from that provider agreeing to take full responsibility for the observer's time, prior to submitting an application***

What other requirements are there to qualify for a job shadow?

In order to participate in our Job Shadow Program, the following steps will need to be completed:

  • Complete and submit the online application, orientation, and quiz. A WSP Background will be completed by YVM on all job shadow applicants prior to scheduling
  • Contact Memorial's Employee Health at 574-5830, identifying yourself as a job shadow to schedule your Tuberculosis Skin Test.
    • Tuberculosis Skin Tests are only administered on Mon, Tues, Wed or Fri. You will need to return to Employee Health 48-72hrs after the test is administered for the reading of the test.
    • Documentation of current influenza vaccine must be provided to Employee Health if shadowing between the dates of November 1 and May 1

Does Memorial provide vaccines?

Memorial currently provides a TB Skin Tests and clearance. NOTE: If health requirements have not been met or submitted within two months of application, application will be rejected

If I follow all of these steps and turn in my job shadow application, am I guaranteed a placement? How long does it take to hear back once I turn in my information?

Unfortunately, job shadows are not, and cannot, be guaranteed. Area health providers do their best to accommodate reasonable requests, but it depends on staff availability, administrative direction, and other factors that can, and do change. Staff tries to respond within a four week period once a request is received. If it's been four weeks and you haven't heard back, please inquire.

Can I do more than one job shadow experience?

While we'd like to accommodate every request, that is not possible, so we prefer you take some time to really research areas you are interested in and then narrow it down before selecting an area.

Is a job shadow different than a clinical placement?

Definitely. Job shadows are observational experiences, typically between 2 - 20 hours. Clinical placements are for advanced students already enrolled in a higher educational program. Clinical placements are arranged through the educational facility.

My family member/neighbor/friend works at an area medical provider and they know someone who said I can just shadow them without going through this process. Is that OK?

No. Due to the high number of requests, the job shadow system was restructured. Because of potential liability and insurance concerns, various documents and orientation need to be completed. While we appreciate the fact that someone offered to help you, everyone must follow the same process.

Please be aware that we will make our best effort to fill student requests but are not able to guarantee a placement.

Because we are focused on providing our patients and guests with a safe, comforting, healing environment, and providing the best learning opportunities for our students, student experiences are subject to change or cancellation at any time.

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Interested In More Than 20 Hours? Volunteer!

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If you have additional questions please contact:

Paige Atterberry, Student Experience Specialist, at (509) 249-5670 or via email at PaigeAtterberry@yvmh.org

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