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Volunteer FAQs

What is the application process?

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Please carefully review the Requirements Section and FAQ of this page before completing an application. Remember that volunteers must commit to six months of consecutive service, and placement in a certain department is not guaranteed. In order for your application to be accepted and reviewed, the following must be submitted.

  • After reviewing the requirements and FAQ, please complete our online volunteer application.  Make sure to fill out all necessary fields. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
    • References must be someone who is familiar with your professional skills, such as a teacher, supervisor, co-worker, or anyone who knows you on a professional basis.   If professional references are not available, personal references may be used.
    • Family members cannot be used as references.
  • After you complete your application form and submit it, you will receive an email with information on how to schedule your appointment with Employee Health to provide your health clearance. 
    • Your appointment with Employee Health must be scheduled within 1 month of submitting your application.
  • After we have received Health Clearance, an interview will be held.  
  • After a successful interview, references will be contacted, and a background check will be run.
  • Orientation will be scheduled, along with training for your position.

What are the requirements for becoming a volunteer?

As a volunter you will hold as absolutely confidential all information, which you may obtain directly or indirectly concerning patients, doctors, or personnel and you will not seek confidential information in regard to a patient.

You understand youry services are donated to Yakima Valley Memorial without contemplation of compensation or future employment and are given with humanitarian or charitable reasons.

You are informed of the required minimum time commitment of 6 months or 100 hours. You understand what is expected and you are committed to fulfilling this requirement.

Minimum age requirement - 16 years old. If 16 years old, student must have parent permission slip signed and returned to Volunteer Services. A students age can limit them on where they can volunteer (CCU or Hospice for example)

Health Screening-

Proof of vaccinations or immunity by lab (titers) for:

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Varicella (Chicken pox)

Two Step Tuberculosis Skin Test

  • Please bring previous TB Skin Tests or TB lab tests

Influenza Vaccine

  • All volunteers must be vaccinated annually with the current seasonal vaccine if volunteering during November 1st through May 1st.

Hint:  To locate records, check with previous employers, parents, baby book, high school/college, physician, military, local/state health department.  If you are unable to obtain these health records, Inspire Health orders blood tests and provides vaccinations and/or tuberculosis testing at no cost to you.

Security Screening-A background check is run prior to any volunteer being placed

Commitment-We require a minimum of a 6 month/100 hour commitment

Age-Minimum of 16 years old.  Some specific programs may have other age requirements

If I volunteer, will I get a job at YVM?

Volunteering does not guarantee any type of employment

Can I volunteer for community service hours?

Yes, if it is for school, we are able to find a volunteer site, and you are able to meet the hours commitment. If it is court appointed, we are, unfortunately, unable to place you.  Please be aware that you must complete at least 100 hours of service per our volunteer requirement prior to having any school required paperwork signed off confirming your hours.  This applies even if your requirement is less than 100 hours.

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