Serving Healthier Food

Serving Healthier Food

The current way food is produced, processed, packaged and distributed in the U.S. have destructively impacted the health of humans and the environment. Health care has the power to have a positive impact on these trends by purchasing more environmentally-sustainable foods and by serving healthier meals and beverages to patients, employees, visitors and the communities they serve.

At Virginia Mason Memorial our dietary team strives improve the environment with the following goals:

Reducing meat purchases by 10% per year while increasing the purchase of better meat without antibiotics or hormones.

Increase the purchase of locally and sustainable foods to 20% of total spend.

Did you know?

The Memorial Café has their own garden? All of the produce harvested in the Garden is served on patient trays and patrons of the café. Year to date the Memorial garden has produced over 10,200 lbs. of produce as of 2017.

Serving Healthier Food

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