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Neonatal intensive care unit

MultiCare Yakima Memorial has a 15-bed newborn intensive care unit that cares for babies ranging from extreme premature infants to very ill newborn babies. It is the only place in Central Washington that offers specialty care for at-risk infants supported by an advanced on-site neonatal intensive care unit. Nurses estimate that more than a third of the babies treated in NICU—more than 90 of the 275 admitted last year—were not anticipated to need the extra care and skilled nursing found there.

The unit is tied to every room on the labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum unit, so the specially trained doctors and nurses can immediately respond to emergencies.

The fact that a neonatologist is just a floor away puts delivering mothers at ease. As the family is valued as part of the care team, we encourage all families to become involved in the care of their baby when they arrive on the unit. As the baby grows stronger and healthier, our team works with the families to ease the transition home.