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Palliative care

Palliative care enriches the lives of individuals and families experiencing life-limiting illness. We strive to bridge curative treatment and comfort care by respecting and honoring your wishes through compassionate and holistic care.

We pave the way for YOU to lead YOUR healthcare by honoring individuality and building human connection. You are the expert of your life, and we are here to support what is most important to you. We provide the tools and training so you can make informed decisions about your care and how it relates to your well-being and what is important to you.

Our specially trained team work together with your current healthcare team to provide a specialized layer of support to you. We provide support and education in managing your physical and emotional symptoms, guidance in navigating your healthcare, and support to families/caregivers in caring for their loved ones.

We currently have a palliative clinic open on Fridays by appointment only. For an appointment, call 509.574.3644.

Enrollment criteria

  • Life-limiting illness.
  • Unmet physical, social or emotional health need as related to the life-limiting illness.

What we provide

  • Specialized support in life-limiting illness.
  • Supplemental symptom management.
  • Education.
  • Advance care planning.
  • Development of health goals.
  • Home visits for home bound patients.
  • Shared decision making.
  • Support for family support coping with loss, grief and life changes/transitions.

Our medical team

  • Medical director/physician: Provides medical leadership and oversight of the palliative care program.
  • Nurse practitioner: In collaboration with your physician, assists you in navigating the healthcare system through supplemental medical management to maximize your quality of life. Their role includes functioning as an educator, consultant and change agent in supporting your goals of care.
  • Registered cardiac nurse: Supports your unique plan of care through education and collaboration with your physician.
  • Licensed clinical social worker (therapist): Provides therapy and counseling in support of your physical, social and emotional needs.
  • Palliative care volunteers.

Metrics for success

  • Improving quality of life.
  • Reducing avoidable hospitalization admissions.
  • Reducing emergency room visits.
  • Timely referrals to hospice and other community programs (when appropriate).

We are not an emergency service or a replacement for your primary care provider. We strive to avoid duplication of services in the community and are supplemental to your current care team.

  • For chronic pain management, contact Water's Edge Pain Clinic at 509.574.3805.
  • For severe mental health issues, contact Comprehensive Mental Health at 509.575.4084.
  • For diabetes management, contact Yakima Valley Memorial at 509.249.5243.
  • For ongoing community resource management, contact Aging & Long Term Care at 509.469.0500.

Who is eligible for the Yakima Valley Memorial palliative care program?

Any adult with a progressive life-limiting illness who resides in Yakima County may be eligible. This includes those who currently receive other in-home services (such as respite, COPES or home health). Prospective clients and their physicians consult with the palliative care team to make a final determination of eligibility.

Who pays for Yakima Valley Memorial palliative care services?

Physicians, nurse practitioners and licensed clinical social workers are reimbursable by insurance. Remaining services are funded by the generous donations given by our community to The Memorial Foundation.

For information and referrals

We welcome referrals and requests for information from prospective clients and their families, as well as physicians, nurses, social workers and other community members. Please contact us at 509.574.3600.