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Musculoskeletal Services

Yakima Valley Memorial is vested in delivering exceptional musculoskeletal care to the Yakima Valley. Having multiple specialties focused on acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions on one campus allows for better integration of specialists and for better care of our patients.

The campus provides non-surgical care for many different types of musculoskeletal disorders. The range of services include diagnostic procedures, including nerve blocks under ultrasound or X-ray guidance and nerve conduction studies/electromyography, as well as management of complex medications. Physical therapy and pain psychology add to the spectrum of services offered.

Yakima Valley Memorial continues to grow with the goal of expanding options for patient care. YVM strives to offer superior service by adding the right specialists as well as strengthen existing partnerships within the community. YVM values the relationships with diagnostic imaging at Valley Imaging, Memorial Cornerstone Pharmacy , Memorial Infusion Services/Care, Memorial Lab, and with the other healthcare partners and specialties within the community.