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Critical care unit

MultiCare Yakima Memorial Hospital critical care unit (CCU) provides care to critically ill medical and surgical patients of all ages.

Services in the critical care unit include:

  • An intensivist program to oversee all care delivered to patients.
  • Technology to support the highest level of care.
  • An electronic medication record that ensures the safest medication administration possible.
  • Dialysis services.
  • A team approach to the care of CCU patients and their families.

CCU staff are trained to treat the majority of critical care diagnoses including, but not limited to, cardiovascular problems, respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation, infectious disease states, postoperative care, shock and neurological problems.

The team consists of a medical director with special training in critical care medicine, nurses certified in critical care nursing, a nurse manager and assistant, pharmacists, dietitians, respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, and a social worker.

The entire team makes rounds on every patient Monday through Friday reviewing progress, planning future care and involving other experts as needed to ensure comprehensive treatment of each patient. The unit is open to family members 24 hours a day and a plan for visitation is individualized according to the patient's needs.