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Yakima Valley Memorial (YVM) clinics now offer televisits, so you can receive care without even leaving home! You can visit with your provider via cellphone, tablet or computer.

YVM uses Zoom secure videoconferencing to connect you with your provider, where you can receive medical care, education and advice.

Telehealth reduces your exposure to COVID-19 by allowing you stay at home and still receive care.

Frequently asked questions

Is Zoom secure?

Claims that Zoom does not provide encryption can be misleading. When we are communicating with patients, Zoom encryption is indeed end-to-end when using their app and web interface.

Will you be selling my data?

As we are not using Facebook to authenticate our accounts, this does not apply to us.

Is it possible that emails and photos may be leaked?

We don't have publicly shared domains (email accounts,,, etc.), so this would not apply for our user accounts.