Understanding Your Hospital Bill

Our new, billing system, manufactured by Siemens Healthcare, integrates with a clinical record-keeping system and helps us move towards meeting new requirements for keeping electronic medical records.

If you or your guarantor feel that your statement is in error or if there are any questions WHATSOEVER with the new billing process, we encourage you to call us or visit us. We are right here in Yakima. Account representatives have been assigned to specific accounts to help better accommodate our patients. Questions can be directed to Memorial's Business Office at (509) 575-8255.

Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital is a nonprofit community hospital and is committed to helping patients become empowered health care consumers. We've created a brochure that answers some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

If a question is not answered, please call our billing office at 575-8255. We offer short-term and long—term payment plans, and do not deny medical care to anyone with an inability to pay.

Our business services staff is available to help:

  • Set up payment plans.
  • Review statements with the patient for errors.
  • Help patients understand their invoices.
  • Help patients determine if L&I or nonhealth care insurance can be used for coverage.
  • Work with patients to bill health care insurance companies for benefit coverage.
  • Help patients determine who they need to contact about specific invoice charges.

For detailed information on understanding your bill, view our brochure containing our most frequently asked questions.

Paying Your Bill

Instamed® allows patients and families easy payment options using their credit card. In addition to saving the cost and the hassle of buying stamps, online payments may help avoid late payments and this risk of mishandled postal mail.

Please visit Memorial's Instamed payment portal and sign up to pay online.

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