Grateful Patients

Virginia Mason Memorial's mission is to improve the health of those we serve in the Yakima area and surrounding communities. More than 2,500 physicians, nurses and staff members dedicate their professional lives to making a difference - one patient, one child, one family at a time.

Linda Haralson

Wife. Nurse. Granddaughter.

I'm Linda Haralson. I'm nurse manager of pediatrics and newborn intensive care at Memorial. More >>

Juan Vasquez

Husband. Father. Runner. Health Evangelist.

IMi esposa me llamaba gordo | My wife called me fat. More >>

Jim Sprecher

Husband. Father. Retired Marine. Heart attack survivor.

I'm Jim Sprecher and I'm a surviving patient at Memorial hospital. More >>

Shelley Desmarais

Wife. Mother. Hop farmer. Cancer survivor.

Seeing my daughter's soccer team wearing pink in honor of breast cancer awareness month was really the driving force for me to go get my mammogram. More >>

Tiffany Bautista

Wife. Nurse. Mother to Mason.

I'm Tiffany Bautista and I was a patient at Virginia Mason Memorial. More >>

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