Linda Haralson

Wife. Nurse. Granddaughter.

I'm Linda Haralson. I'm nurse manager of pediatrics and newborn intensive care at Yakima Memorial.

A peaceful passing at Cottage in the Meadow.

When we knew that she was needing hospice care, we were able to accomplish that within four hours of her being at Memorial. And within another 4 hours, we were able to have her at the Cottage with the family. She was then made very comfortable, relieved of her pain, we all could be together and come and go at intervals, and be with her the entire time.

Time to be a family.

What the Cottage does is allow the family to interact as a family with the loved one and each other, but not be responsible for every aspect of comfort, care, medication and pain relief. So it allows the family members to be just that - family, not caregivers.

Cottage in the Meadow. A place for the entire family.

It has beautiful grounds, landscape and water features. Inside is warm and welcoming. The rooms are large, there for the family to enjoy together. There are amenities for the family so you don't have to leave to have food and refreshments. There's a play area for young children that even has a Wii. The family room has a warm, welcoming hearth and fireplace.

Death can be beautiful.

Some people might think it's odd to say death can be beautiful, but having been in healthcare and seen many people's passings, to see a very calm, comfortable loved one gently transition from this life to the next stage of life's journey is very comforting for those of us left behind.

A beautiful place to be.

My desire is for our community to know of the wonderful services that we have at Cottage in the Meadow and that the staff is compassionate and caring. It's a beautiful place to be - not a place to be afraid of. It's not a place where people come to die. It's a place where people experience rest, peace, comfort and compassion.

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