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In Case Of Emergency

In keeping with our philosophy of patient-and family-centered care, Yakima Valley Memorial has designed a system for patients, patient surrogates and family members to call for emergent SOS assistance** whenever the patient's condition is perceived to be declining or is worrisome.

The SOS response team is a made up of specially trained clinical staff. These indi­ viduals respond to the patient's bedside immediately to evaluate the patient's condition and take any necessary actions to keep the patient safe and help prevent a respiratory or cardiac arrest.

Reasons to call the SOS Team

  • Increasing or sudden difficulty breathing
  • Unexplained sudden onset confusion
  • Unexplained sleepiness or inability to awaken patient
  • Uncontrolled pain
  • A "gut feeling" that something is not right, or the patient's condition is worsening

**Always contact the nurse first.

How to call the SOS Team

  • Using the hospital bedside telephone, Dial "0"
  • Tell the operator: "I need an SOS Team to my room"

- The operator is able to tell which room you are calling from

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