Ankur Rana, MD

Dr. Ankur Rana is a family physician at Pacific Crest Family Medicine. The best care, according to Dr. Rana, comes from listening to patients' needs and concerns. He has worked at Memorial since 2008 and commends the integrated care Memorial offers its patients. After leaving his hometown in India to attend medical school in Russia followed by a move to Chicago, Dr. Rana prefers the welcoming, friendly community of Yakima. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family and gardening.

  1. What inspired you to choose medicine as a career?
    I was actually born in a family of doctors. Growing up, medicine is all I knew as far as a profession. Seeing my parents take care of patients in a community back in India, that's what got me interested. It was the aspect of being able to help people.
  2. Do you have a philosophy or approach to working with patients?
    I like to connect with my patients and the different perspectives and challenges that they may be facing. I try to really relate to them and understand what they may be going through. What I like the most about it, obviously, is the positive outcome. My style is more of being a good listener. I try not to look at the computer. Once I establish that rapport, I can further assess and provide the best advice I have to offer. There's a very interesting book that says every patient tells a story and half of their solution, if not 70 percent, is in their story. Listening is very critical in patient care, in understanding who they are, what their situation is, and if those factors are a part of their disease.
  3. What do you appreciate most about the doctors and staff you work with?
    It's a blessing to have a non-profit organization like Memorial in a community like Yakima. What makes it special is the effort that Memorial puts into having more integrated care. We have a rather close-knit, interconnected network of physicians, primary care and subspecialists, where we can try to provide better cost-effective care. The ability to connect with various steps of healthcare that your patient may need is what makes it more efficient care. It also minimizes emergency room visits, and therefore saves healthcare money.
  4. What do you like about Yakima?
    The Yakima community is very friendly. I came from Chicago and we liked it in Chicago, but the first thing that's really noticeable in the whole Pacific Northwest is that people are very friendly and welcoming.
  5. Tell me a little known fact about you or talk about what you like to do outside of work.
    I like to spend time with my family. I like to play sports, swim, go to the gym, and garden.

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