Tanny Davenport, MD

Tanny Davenport grew up in Wapato and has been practicing medicine in Yakima since 2002. As a family physician at Family Medicine of Yakima, he has developed long-term relationships with his patients based on the philosophy of always being upfront and working to find the ideal solution for that individual. Dr. Davenport takes into consideration his patients' time and is working with Memorial to implement innovative, more efficient healthcare for those he works with. A father of two, Dr. Davenport spends his free time with his children.

Quick Facts

  1. What inspired you to choose medicine as a career?
    I come from a family of healthcare professionals and teachers and my mom is a nurse. Even before I knew what I wanted to do, she was telling me I'd be a physician. In my family, taking care of people is part of what we do, so I think it's engrained in me. As I went through my schooling and education, I found that working with people and combining my love of science was a natural fit.
  2. Do you have a philosophy or approach to working with patients?
    I'm upfront with patients. I tell them what I think. I don't try to tell them what to do. I'm realistic, and we'll figure out ways we can work together to meet our goals. I recognize the value of a patient's time. We will get you in as quickly as possible while still listening to you. We'll try to have services on site so that you don't have to go elsewhere. We'll have pre-fill meds for you. Those are ways we can make things even easier for the patient. In doing so, the patient is going to win. And, as a provider, I'm going to win too because I know my patients are going to get the care they need.
  3. What do you appreciate most about the doctors and staff you work with?
    Memorial has a lot to offer not only in the breadth of specialists, but the way you can communicate with them. As a primary care physician, it's important to know that you have people that have your back that you can communicate with and have open discussions with. I think the community overall is well connected and supportive. Physicians feel they are coming into a community where they can insert themselves into the healthcare team.
  4. What do you like about Yakima?
    I think it's a very diverse area with lots of different cultures and ethnicities. I'm very thankful for the bountiful fruits and vegetables that we have. I think it makes it easy to eat healthy. I love having four seasons. I like to snowboard and go up in the mountains and play golf in the summer and the spring. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
  5. Tell me a little known fact about you or talk about what you like to do outside of work.
    I have two boys, so I spend a lot of time playing and reading about dinosaurs. From a personal heath activity standpoint, I like to work out, play basketball, and golf. One of the weird things I like to do is run 18 holes. I wake up early in the morning and run as fast as I can while trying to shoot a decent score.

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