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Stroke Prevention

Knowing the signs of a stroke could save your life. Schedule a checkup with our cardiac team to ensure your heart's health and discuss what to do in the case of a stroke.

To discuss or evaluate your heart health call (509) 248-7715

Healthy Habits Could Prevent Stroke

Some risk factors for stroke cannot be changed, such as: gender (male), age (over 55), family history/race, and prior history of stroke, previous TIA or heart attack. However, there are many risk factors for stroke which can be lessened or eliminated by behavior modification and health management.

High blood pressure or hypertension

High blood pressure is the number one cause of stroke and 1 in 5 adults with hypertension are unaware that they have it.  The best thing you can do to take care of your heart is to know your blood pressure and determine if it is healthy. 

Know your numbers.  A systolic blood pressure (top number) of 140 or higher, OR a diastolic blood pressure (bottom number) of 90 or higher, is considered high blood pressure.

You should work with your provider to achieve and maintain healthy numbers.  Healthy habits such as decreasing salt intake and increasing exercise can help to combat hypertension and lower your stroke risk. Learn more about hypertension »

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes (high blood sugar) is a risk factor for stroke. If you have diabetes, it is critical that you control your blood sugar.  Memorial offers basic education for patients to understand and take care of their diabetes on a daily basis. Structured to encourage, support and promote self-management and long term maintenance, this class is delivered in sessions over several months. A physician referral is required. Learn more ».

Tobacco use/smoking

Tobacco use in any form can double your risk of stroke. Many of tobacco’s effects are reversible and if you use tobacco, you should stop. By avoiding or quitting, you can reduce your risk for many adverse health conditions. The Washington State Department of Health Tobacco Quit Line helps you quit using tobacco by addressing the mental and physical aspects of tobacco addiction. Specially trained quit coaches work one-on-one with you to help you identify barriers to quitting, overcome urges and create a quit plan. Learn more »

Physical inactivity and obesity

A sedentary lifestyle or obesity can increase your risk of stroke. Small amounts of physical activity can improve your overall health, decrease your weight and may reduce your stroke risk. Start slowly and discuss your physical activity goals with your provider. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity five days of the week, or 20 minutes of vigorous physical activity, three days a week. Talk to your provider regarding a plan that will work best for your particular health needs and lifestyle. 

Virginia Mason Memorial and Kohl's Cares want you to be healthy for life and has teamed up to bring you Healthy For Life, a program dedicated to bring you exercise and cooking classes at NO CHARGE! Learn more »

Poor nutrition

A diet containing five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day may reduce the risk of stroke. Avoid foods high in fats, salt, and calories. A healthy diet can also help reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol which will help to decrease your risk of stroke. Memorial’s Cardiovascular Rehabilitation & Wellness offers Heart Health education classes to the public each month. Popular nutrition classes include: Appetite Control, DASH Diet, Dietary Portion Control, Mediterranean Diet, and Recipe Modification. See the current schedule of topics here »

High blood cholesterol

People with high blood cholesterol have an increased risk for stroke because cholesterol can build up in the blood vessels and slow the movement of blood. High blood cholesterol can be reduced by proper nutrition and routine physical activity. Medication may also be required to control cholesterol levels.

COVID-19 News & Announcements

New! June 23: Going Home after Birth during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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New! June 23: Volver a casa después de dar a luz durante la pandemia de COVID-19

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Mask Requirements

To minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, Virginia Mason Memorial (VMM) would like to remind all patients and visitors that masks are REQUIRED at all VMM facilities, including our clinics.

To conserve supplies, we request that all patients and visitors bring masks to their appointments. A limited number of reusable cloth masks, made by community members, will be available if you need one.

We also strongly encourage all community members to wear masks when in public - this is one of our best tools to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

UPDATED! May 26: New Visitation Policy

As a response to the current community situation with COVID-19, we are suspending most in-person visits to our hospitalized patients. The decision to suspend hospital visits was difficult and made only after careful consideration.
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Prescription Home Delivery

We now offer home delivery for your prescription medications.

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Visitors to Generations OB/GYN

As part of our continuing efforts to focus on patient safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, Generations has changed its visitor policy.

No visitors will be allowed for clinic visits, with the only exceptions being:

1 Visitor will be allowed for the first OB appointment
1 visitor will be allowed at the 20 week anatomy ultrasound

Visitors to the Family Birthplace

Women in the Family Birthplace may have one visitor.

Telehealth: Your questions answered

Learn more about joining one of our providers for a Telehealth visit »

COVID-19 Evaluation Clinic

Our Creekside HealthyNow location is now a COVID-19 evaluation clinic. If you have cough and fever, please schedule your visit at our Creekside Location. Please list your symptoms in the reason for visit so our team is better prepared to assist you.

This location completes an evaluation to determine if you're a candidate for COVID testing. Learn more »

Physician Recruitment:

We have reduced the number of Physician and Provider positions we are recruiting for in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Should you be interested in possible employment with Virginia Mason Memorial, please contact us at physicianrecruitment@yvmh.org. We are actively reviewing our staffing needs and new positions are being approved for posting. We appreciate your interest in us and hope to have the opportunity to consider you for a role with VMM.

Additional Spiritual Resources During COVID-19

Chaplains at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital provide care for every patient regardless of their personal beliefs or non-beliefs. For support, assistance, prayers, and all other spiritual care requests, please email spiritualcare@yvmh.org or call the spiritual care office: (509) 575-8035


There are times when a direct face to face spiritual care conversation is not the best option (due to distance, a pandemic, patient preference). That's where Tele-Chaplaincy provides another possibility. You can request chaplain support using your personal, or hospital room, phone. Calls are confidential. Chaplains will listen, provide encouragement, offer help and resources, and if desired, offer prayer. If you are part of a faith community a chaplain can help you connect with them.

Virtual Chaplaincy

Without regular visits from family and friends a stay in the hospital can be even more challenging. One of our newest offerings, Virtual Chaplaincy using Zoom, helps make connections. By contacting the Spiritual Care team at the email or phone number above you can request a Zoom meeting. Family and friends throughout the Yakima Valley, from the four corners of the state, from across the country and even internationally, are meeting with patients via Zoom to offer their love and support. Due to the popularity of this option scheduling and frequency may, at times, be limited.

Hospital Lab Services

All out-patient lab services - including newborn screens and bilirubin collections - will now be provided at Memorial Cornerstone Medicine, 4003 Creekside Loop. Hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; 8 a.m. to noon, Saturday and Sunday.

Hospital Pharmacy

Beginning Thursday, March 19, the hospital pharmacy is closed to the public for the duration of the pandemic. The public may choose to have those prescriptions transferred to VMM's Pharmacy at Creekside or the pharmacy of their choice.

The Pharmacy at Creekside, 4003 Creekside Loop, is open 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday; and Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and offers walk-in or drive-through options for pickup.

Farmacia Del Hospital

A partir del jueves 19 de marzo, la farmacia del hospital estará cerrada al público mientras dure la pandemia. El público puede escoger si quiere que sus recetas sean transferidas a la otra farmacia de Virginia Mason Memorial, localizada en la clínica Cornerstone o también puede elegir cualquier otra farmacia de su preferencia. La clínica de Cornerstone, está localizada en el 4003 Creekside Loop. En esta farmacia se puede recoger la medicina por la ventana y/o adentro de la clínica.

Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 8:30 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. y sábado y domingo de las 8:00 a.m. a las 4:30 pm