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The pharmacy is a critical department whose work directly impacts patient care at Memorial's main campus as well as Memorial's Family of Services. Memorial's pharmacy is among the most sophisticated and progressive in the Northwest.

Every day, all day (and night) Memorial Hospital's pharmacy team works to fulfill their mission: to provide optimum drug therapy for Memorial's patients. And, as the only hospital pharmacy in Yakima County with 24/7 service, the pace never slows. The Memorial Pharmacy Team of more than 20 pharmacists and 26 pharmacy technicians is the expert resource for drug information.

More than filling prescriptions

Pharmacy professionals do more than distribute drugs. They work closely with physicians, nurses and patients to ensure that safe and appropriate drug therapy is rendered as well as educating and informing patients. The pharmacy provides services to a wide spectrum of Memorial's Family of Services including: all acute care hospital services, Hospice, North Star Lodge, the anti-coagulation clinic, Infusion Care and the discharge pharmacy.

Memorial's pharmacy is also actively engaged in several educational programs. The pharmacy's practice residency program provides a one-year post-graduate training experience. Washington State University's College of Pharmacy maintains a joint venture with Memorial as a major training site for pharmacy students. Two full-time faculty members are based at the hospital. In addition, Memorial offers a board of pharmacy-approved pharmacy technician training program.

Technology patients can depend on

Memorial and Siemens are working together to provide patients with a premier tool that assures quality care and the highest level of safety available today. This partnership brings the latest in medical technology right here to Memorial Hospital and patients at Memorial's Family of Services. Our new state-of-the-art bedside Medication Administration System (MAK) uses computers in each patient room to dispense medication quickly and accurately.

It directly links patients to medical information and to our hospital pharmacy, immediately alerting attending and pharmaceutical staff of any patient allergies or complications. Our fully automated pharmacy helps ensure 100 percent accuracy for dispensing medications 100 percent of the time.

Automation and technology allow the Pharmacy Team to increase patient safety through the utilization of barcodes at each step of medication distribution and administration. This also supports redirecting pharmacists from drug dispensing tasks to being available as the drug therapy expert on the patient care team. This innovative technology gets our nurses and pharmacists back to where they want to be—with their patients.

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