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Yakima Valley Memorial is home to the designated pediatric unit in Central Washington. Comprising 14 patient rooms, each equipped to support up to two patients, the ultimate goal is to provide each patient with an individual, age-appropriate setting.

Few things are more frightening to parents than having a child in the hospital. Yakima Valley Memorial's team of pediatricians and nurses understand these concerns and focuses its efforts on providing individualized, comprehensive medical care in a unit that is designed with the child and family in mind. Yakima Valley Memorial's pediatric unit is a highly specialized, self-contained department dedicated to the medical care and treatment of infants and children.

Our goals include:

  • Decreasing fear
  • Helping the parent(s) and child cope
  • Involving parent and child in developing an individual plan of care
  • Encouraging family participation in patient care

The staff shares a common philosophy and commitment to providing outstanding care to our patients. All pediatric department registered nurses are certified in pediatric advanced life support and/or neonatal resuscitation.

Located on the third floor, the pediatric unit is designed in every way to provide care in a very child-friendly atmosphere; the unit is designed to be welcoming and friendly to children of all ages—newborn to adolescent.

The moment a visitor steps through the doors, they begin to notice the many details that make the unit a special place for children. From the tropical fish tank to the rocking horse, to the colorful wall art, each of these details is aimed at making a child's stay as enjoyable an experience as possible.

Understandably, most parents prefer to be near their child during a hospital stay; we make every effort to encourage and welcome a family presence. In fact, our rooms are designed with this in mind. And while circumstances may not allow a parent to be there all the time, parents are welcome to come and go as needed.

Family friendly

All rooms in pediatrics are family friendly. There is a window seat/bed in each room to allow a family member to stay should they wish. All rooms have a message center, providing a space for visitors, families and friends to leave notes, drawings, etc., for their loved ones. Patient rooms also have a TV/VCR and more than 200 video movies are available by request.

To keep children entertained and occupied, the department has a playroom filled with toys, which may also be used at the patient's bedside. Children who enjoy video or screen games may select from Nintendo and Playstation consoles, which are available for patient use. For mealtimes there is a nourishment room provided for families who are more comfortable eating together.

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