Preparing for Orthopedic Surgery

Yakima Orthopedic Services

We want you to be comfortable when you come in for your procedure and being comfortable requires being prepared and educated. Once you and your physicians have elected surgery, you will be scheduled for the pre-surgery education class. You and your designated coach--usually a spouse, family member or friend-- will also attend the class to help you better understand the pre-and post-surgery process. You will also receive a customized guidebook that explains the entire joint replacement experience.

Topics discussed in the class include:

  • What to expect during your hospital stay
  • What to bring to the hospital
  • Anesthesia, anti-coagulation therapy, and pain management options
  • Pre- and post-surgical activities and expectations
  • Pre-surgery exercises to help prepare your body for surgery and speed your recovery
  • Equipment needed after discharge

Joint replacement surgery is a safe procedure. However, as with all surgeries, risk is involved. It's important for all those undergoing joint replacement surgery to talk to their doctor and understand the potential risks involved with surgery.

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