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Joint Replacement

Yakima Joint Replacement
Hip replacement surgery
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Curtis was one of the first hip-replacement patients in Yakima Valley Memorial history who didn't have to spend the night in the hospital after surgery, which is a growing trend.

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When knee or hip pain limits your ability to do what you want to, it's time to consider joint replacement. Over the past 40 years, total joint replacement surgery has been proven to relieve severe knee or hip pain and restore function in the vast majority of patients. By replacing your diseased or injured joint with an artificial joint, replacement surgery can relieve your discomfort and help you get back to enjoying normal, everyday activities.

Yakima Orthopedic Services

At Yakima Valley Memorial, we have a unique program call Joint Advantage that incorporates a team approach to treatment following a patient from the time they elect to undergo joint surgery through rehabilitation.

What Is Joint Advantage?

Joint Advantage is designed around a national best-practice "well-model" for joint replacements, blending patient education innovative pain management and a progressive rehabilitation process to provide exceptional outcomes that have most people walking out of the hospital in two to three days.

In choosing the Joint Advantage program at Yakima Valley Memorial, you have selected the most experienced orthopedic team in this region. This team includes board-certified orthopedic surgeons, specialty-trained orthopedic nurses, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists, and dietitians whose goal is to help you return to a full, active life.

We perform over 600 successful joint procedures each year including over 90% of all total joint replacement in the region. Over 12% of Yakima Valley Memorial's orthopedic patients chose to travel from outside Yakima County for their procedure. From beginning to end, we coordinate your care among the hospital and your orthopedic and primary care physician rehabilitation.

The Virginina Mason Memorial Joint Advantage program adheres to the highest national standards, and has one of the lowest rates of surgery complications in the U.S.

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Joint Replacement surgery is one of the most common and successful operations in modern orthopedic surgery. It involves replacing a destroyed or diseased joint with an artificial joint. In knee or hip replacement surgery, the artificial joint is made out of metal and plastic. Joint replacement in the hand usually uses silicone rubber or the patient's own tissues,such as a portion of the tendon, to form the new joint.

New advances in prostheses design, surgical techniques, pain control, and rehabilitation make joint replacement surgery more successful than ever. Advances in surgery currently allow doctors to use techniques that leave smaller scars, require shorter hospital stays and allow patients to recover faster. Both traditional and minimally invasive approaches to hip and knee replacement surgery are available. These techniques include:

  • Computerized navigation for proper joint alignment
  • Individualized joint implant selection, such as gender specific
  • Anterior and posterior surgical approaches for hip replacement

The type of surgery you have will be recommended by your physician based on your needs.

Learn more about joint replacement visit our Health Information Library.

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