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Grabbing, waving, writing and lifting are all motions that we perform without much thought, yet are very important to our day to day lives. Each of these movements, along with dozens more, are only possible thanks to the versatility and flexibility of our upper extremity. This unique area of the body includes the joints, bones and muscles of the fingers, hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder.

At Memorial Orthopedic Health, we give special attention to the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of the hand and upper extremity. We provide operative as well as non-operative care to patients with upper extremity conditions and our medical experts work together to provide an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that is specific to your need.


Often, surgery is the best choice for upper extremity conditions or injuries. When that time comes, you can trust Memorial to give you the best care available.Our board certified orthopedic surgeons are dedicated to giving you the most up to date techniques and help you return to activity as quickly as possible.

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