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Hospitalists are doctors who devote their practice to the care of hospitalized patients. Memorial's hospitalists are board-certified in internal medicine and see hospitalized patients who have been referred from community primary care doctors, emergency room doctors or other physicians at the hospital. They do not see patients outside of the hospital.

There are many benefits to having a hospitalist serve as a patient's attending physician while admitted to Memorial Hospital. Because the hospitalist works at the hospital full-time, his or her sole priority is attending to the needs of patients. The hospitalist is available every day to see you and your family members as often as needed and adjust your plan of care as your condition changes. He or she is available immediately in an emergency and can consult with other physicians as needed. The hospitalist will make arrangements for any medications the patient may need while admitted or upon discharge and can work with your primary doctor or specialists to discuss any significant findings or events.

To assist patients in fully understanding the role of hospitalists at Memorial, view a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. This is one more way that Memorial works to provide excellent care to the patients we serve.

Pediatric Hospitalist Service

Community Health Of Central Washington (CHCW) and Memorial Hospital collaborate to offer a Pediatric Hospitalist Service (PH Svc). This is important information about how services will be delivered to newborn and pediatric patients admitted to Memorial Hospital.

The PH Svc physicians -admit and provide care for a wide variety of pediatric patients. Local pediatricians and family doctors can ask the service to routinely admit their newborn and pediatric patients, or to provide consultation. Specialists with pediatric patients can consult them.

The PH Svc is staffed 24/7, every day of the year, by a pediatrician at Memorial Hospital.

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