Heart & Vascular Care

Heart Advantage

The Memorial Heart Advantage is a combination of education and prevention, diagnosis and treatment, advanced heart care, and rehabilitation and wellness.

Memorial is here for you every step of the way and will work with you to find the best options.

Education and prevention start with community health assessments to identifying risk factors for heart disease and opportunities to assist patients in changing their lifestyles to maintain a healthy heart. Educational services provide an opportunity for patients to get regular heart checks, blood pressure screenings and diabetes screenings. A variety of informational classes are offered to the public such as stress reduction, appetite control, smoking-cessation, and diabetes education.

The diagnosis and treatment phase involves Memorial's team working to identify any heart or vascular problems. This is achieved by using a broad range of techniques ranging from noninvasive procedures to advanced surgical care such as cardiac catheterization. Appropriate treatment is identified and delivered from our range of services dependent on the diagnosis. Treatment includes the use of evidence-based care through the use of protocols.

Cardiac rehabilitation involves a long term commitment from the patient and a team of health care providers. Memorial's team includes doctors (such as primary care doctor, surgeon, and a cardiologist who will monitor a patients care plan and progress), specially trained cardiac rehab nurses, and dietitians or nutritionists. This team also includes a care coordinator who will track care and navigate insurance concerns for patients.

Acute and Interventional Care

Supportive Care

Prevention and Education

Utilizing the latest in medical technology, Memorial's cardiology department provides its patients with the opportunity for improved clinical outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

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