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Family & Adult Medicine

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Our Family & Adult Medicine Facilities

With 6 primary care clinics and two convenient care clinic locations, we provide comprehensive healthcare to patients of all ages. Services include prevention, treatment of common medical conditions and early detection of major illnesses.

Chronic Care Management

What is Chronic Care Management? 

The Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program is a comprehensive service provided to you by registered nurses. In addition, pharmacists, dietitians, medical assistants, counselors and others will participate in your care, helping you achieve your health goals and improve your quality of life. 

How can you or a loved one benefit from this program? 

If you have a chronic illness or other serious health concerns, our care team can support you with help navigating through a complex health system. You’ll work closely with a registered nurse who will advocate and partner with you and your care team, providing you with: 

  • Comprehensive and personalized care planning 
  • Care coordination among your whole health-care team 
  • Education about your chronic illness, medications, disease prevention, and other health-care needs 
  • Healthy lifestyle options and accessing preventative services
  • Management of your ongoing conditions outside of your face-to-face visits with your provider(s). 
  • Assistance in achieving your health-care goals 
  • Assistance managing your medications 
  • 24/7 phone access to the care team and providers who know your care plan.

Will I be billed for this service?

Yes, but for most patients, the cost is completely covered by insurance. If not covered, the out-of-pocket cost will be approximately $8 per month. You will be billed for the co-insurance amount your insurance determines.*

Will I be billed every month? 

No. If you do not require CCM services, your insurance will not be billed for that month. 

*Depending on your Medicare plan, there may be a monthly fee associated with this service. Please contact your Medicare administrator to discuss those costs.

Why is my provider recommending me for this program? 

You have two or more ongoing medical conditions. 

Do I have to sign an enrollment consent? 

No. Your care team will get a verbal consent after going over the details of the program with you.

What will happen once I enroll? 

A registered nurse will call you to discuss the creation of your care plan, including your health goals.

May I choose to leave the program? 

Yes. You may cancel your participation in the CCM program at any time. This cancellation must be in writing, submitted either through the portal, mail or in person, and will be effective at the end of the calendar month the cancellation was submitted. 

How is this different than the other services provided by Yakima Valley Memorial? 

This service is more personalized for your needs. It will include a care plan that will focus on your health goals along with medical goals outlined by your care team. 

Can I still see my provider/RN face-to-face? 

Yes, participation in the CCM program does not limit your access to services with any department or provider at Yakima Valley Memorial. 

How will my privacy be maintained?

Personal health-care information is shared only with those who require the information to help provide your care. Your care team/provider, with your consent, will share your health information only for purposes of care coordination.

To learn more, please contact the Care Management Team at Yakima Valley Memorial: (509) 249-5007.


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