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The emergency department (ED) at Memorial consists of 25 beds in the main ER and 9 beds in our urgent care area. Our providers are trained in Emergency Medicine and treat more than 77,000 patients a year. Care is available to all patients regardless of race, ethnic origin, religion or financial status.

Physicians and nurses who are specially trained in emergency medicine provide care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Other specialists may be called in for consultation, special procedures and/or surgery. The ED provides for patients’ emergent needs; and, all patients presenting to the ED are examined by a trained provider. Patients are encouraged to have an established relationship with a primary care physician for routine medical care.

Patients who require assistance in finding a health care provider should call the Yakima County Medical Society at 575-5550 for a list of providers taking new patients.

Understanding the emergency department

Since the provision of quality care is important to us, the following information may help patients and their families better understand how this critical department functions.


Triage is a French word meaning “to sort.” Prior to registering, patients will be seen by a nurse who will ask questions about the patient’s medical condition. That nurse will prioritize the patients in the order of urgency. Some patients will be immediately taken to the treatment area while others may wait longer based on the assessment of the triage nurse. Patients with less severe medical complaints may be triaged to the urgent care department.


During the registration process, the patient or their guardian or advocate will be asked for identifying information, health insurance information, and the name of the patient’s health care provider, if applicable.

All adults must sign for medical care and treatment. Parental consent or consent from a legal guardian is necessary for all children under the age of 18. In a life-threatening situation, emergent care will be given while efforts are made to contact the parent or guardian.

Every effort is made to provide prompt care

Occasionally there are unavoidable delays which may cause longer waits for our patients after the triage process.

Circumstances that may delay treatment include:

  • The most seriously ill or injured are seen first.
  • Ambulances arrive at the back door of the ED. If those patients’ medical needs are more critical that those of the patients’ needs in the waiting area, they are seen first.
  • Depending on a patient’s medical needs it may be necessary to wait for a special procedure room for care. After examination by the ED physician, a specialist may need to be called in from outside the hospital.
  • After being examined the patient may need to wait for procedures such as x-rays and blood tests to be completed.


There are no phones in the patient care rooms. In the case of an immediate need for a phone, please see an ED staff member for direction.

Visitation policy

Visits depend on the care needs of the patient. One or two visitors per room are allowed, however, food and drink are not allowed in the rooms. While in the ED, please remain at the bedside to respect other patients’ privacy.

Parents are encouraged to stay with their children who are patients. Other children should remain in the waiting area with a responsible adult. Visitors may be asked to go to the waiting area during the examination to provide privacy for the patient.

Personal items

The ED is not responsible for lost items. Patients and/or their guardians or advocates are asked to take all items with them that may have been brought into the patient care room.


Memorial’s pharmacy operates 24 hours a day to provide take-home prescriptions for ED patients. Payment for take-home prescriptions is required at time of service.

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