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Childbirth Education classes cover what to expect during late pregnancy, labor delivery and postpartum. Learn relaxation and breathing techniques, comfort measures and discuss medication options for delivery. You should end your classes one month before your due date if possible.   A variety of class formats are available, including Saturday (full day), 2-Day Sunday Series, 4-Week Series, and E-Learning (online Childbirth Education).  

Included with your childbirth class (at no additional charge) are two of our one-time classes.

Breastfeeding - What you need to know to get started and get through those first few weeks when breastfeeding can be most challenging as well as the benefits of breastfeeding.

Baby Basics - Learn all about baby care, diapering, swaddling, taking your baby's temperature, bathing and more.

Boot Camp for New Dads - Designed for first-time dads - This workshop will prepare you on how to support your partner and you will learn how to engage with your new infant once he/she arrives and gives you the confidence to go through the journey of becoming a dad.

Additional Classes and Education

Pre-natal Yoga helps decrease tension, improve flexibility and strength, prepare for the birthing process, and cultivate a connection between mother and child.

Infant CPR: Learn to recognize when a baby needs rescue breathing, how to start CPR, and how to care for an infant who's choking. This course provides current CPR instructions and information; it does NOT qualify for a certification card.

Food for Life: Kick start Your Health for Pregnancy and Beyond. Discover which foods are optimal for weight management and learn practical cooking skills to help you achieve better health. On line registration is NOT available, please call 509 248-7322 or check the calendar for the next class

How to Register

Classes include Childbirth education, Baby Basics, Boot camp, Breastfeeding, Prenatal yoga and Infant CPR.  You may register for more than one class on the on line form.   

  1. Select your classes and dates from the calendar below, click the event name to see a detailed description of the class. (For easiest registration, please write down the class dates you are interested in before starting the registration form) *Note: The eLearn/Online Class is not a calendar option, please go directly to step #2
  2. Select your payment method (This will open your registration form)
  3. The Registration form will open in a separate window on your browser. If you need to consult the calendar again, do not go back. Please click on the calendar tab "childbirth classes near..." at top of page for information, and then click back to the registration tab "online form" to finish.

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