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Chaplain Services

Chaplains are available to patients and their families to support a broad spectrum of spirituality and are not restricted to a religious denomination. They are trained to provide comfort and comprehensive support in times of trauma, grief and to aid in the healing process.

Chaplains have been clinically trained to focus on the spiritual and emotional needs of the patient, family and staff. They provide support to patients and families in a variety of circumstances and occasions. Chaplains:

  • Listen when patients and their families feel vulnerable, afraid, confused or lonely
  • Provide nonjudgmental and confidential spiritual support
  • Respect and understand various religions and cultures, and may advocate for family preferences with health care professionals.
  • Help patients maintain perspective while providing comfort.
  • Are available to help families struggling with ethical and other difficult decisions related to hospitalization.

Where are chaplain services available?

Chaplain services are available at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital's main campus, Garden Village, through Virginia Mason Memorial's Home Health and Hospice or by request at North Star Lodge and Children's Village.

Where is Virginia Mason Memorial's chapel?

Virginia Mason Memorial's chapel is located at the main campus on the ground floor just to the left of the cafeteria's main entrance; the chaplain's office is next door to the chapel.