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Heart care close to home

Home is where the heart care is. We're keeping pace with the latest procedures and technology so you don't have to leave town. To learn more about Yakima Heart Center's services, visit

The heart is a complex organ, with both a plumbing and an electrical system. When your heart is not beating in a regular way, an abnormal heartbeat or arrhythmia occurs—a short circuit in the electrical system, so to speak.

Electrophysiologic tests enable your physician to determine the cause and appropriate course of treatment. Your doctor may decide to implant a pacemaker if your heart is beating too slowly or a defibrillator if it's beating too fast.

However, an innovative technology enables physicians to find and treat the cause of an arrhythmia: cardiac mapping with ablation. This tells your doctor what part of the heart is affected and allows for cells causing the arrhythmia to be destroyed to prevent a short circuit in the future.

Dao Gia Pham, MD, board-certified electrophysiology cardiologist with the Yakima Heart Center, is the only physician in Yakima to conduct this procedure.

"This is new technology cardiologists have been waiting for because it will improve the success of treating arrhythmias. Now that it's available in Yakima, patients may not need to travel to Seattle for this treatment," Dr. Pham says. "Mapping allows us to target the specific area of the heart where the arrhythmia is occurring and to treat the cause. If necessary, we can then install a pacemaker or defibrillator in concert to ensure your heart remains in rhythm."

Providing the latest technologies and the physicians and staff who can use them is just another example of Memorial's continued commitment to ensuring the best possible care in Yakima.

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