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Physician & Provider Referral Program

There is no greater compliment about your work place than the referral of your family or friends!

We would like to thank you for your assistance with our recruitment process by providing you with a $2000 referral bonus!!*

*Referral bonuses are only paid to employees after the successful hire of their referred physician/provider.

This is how it works...

Yakima Valley Memorial physicians, providers and employees are eligible to receive a referral bonus for referring an external physician or provider that is hired by Memorial.

To qualify for a referral bonus, the referral candidate will need to give permission to be referred. Please direct all referrals to the Talent Acquisition and Provider Experience department. Please include the candidate's name, phone number and/or email address in the referral.

In the event that more than one physician, provider or employee refers the same candidate, the bonus will be paid for the hired referral that arrived in the recruitment department first. In the rare event the bonus is received at the same time, the Physician Referral Bonus will be divided equally.

Referrals will be valid for one year. Referrals/Applications received before 10/1/16 will not qualify for the Physician Referral Bonus Program.

Physicians referred who have already been sourced by the Talent Acquisition and Provider Experience department or with the assistance of a recruitment firm/agency are not eligible candidate physicians for the referral program.

Referrals may be made for open positions only. All current open positions can be found at: www.yakimavalleyliving.org

Only full-time or regular part-time physician positions qualify for the referral program.

To receive the referral bonus, the referring physician, provider or employee must be actively employed by Yakima Valley Memorial.

After the referral is made, the recruitment relationship will be between the candidate and the hiring team. Recruitment communication and updates will be provided only to the candidate, not to the referring physician, provider or employee.

Payment will be processed through payroll. The bonus will be taxed in compliance with federal and state guidelines.

The Referral Bonus Program may be revised or eliminated at the discretion of Administration and/or the Talent Acquisition and Provider Experience Department.

How to make a referral

Follow the link below and complete the form and a HR representative will be in touch with your referred friend soon.

Make A Referral »

Hiring Practices

Viriginia Mason Memorial is an equal opportunity employer that makes hiring decisions based solely on qualifications and experience. If you are an individual with a disability and would like to request an accommodation in order to apply for a currently open position, please call 509-249-5031 or email at jenniferdavis@yvmh.org.

For more information or if you have questions about the program, please contact Jennifer Davis at 509-249-5031.

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