InspireInspire is a program developed by Virginia Mason Memorial to recognize, encourage, and reinforce positive actions and behaviors within the work environment.

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The Power of a Simple, "Thank You"

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A Simple recipe for recognition

  • Thank the individual by name
  • State what they did to earn the recognition
  • Explain how you felt about their behavior
  • State how the behavior added value to Virginia Mason Memorial
  • Thank them again by name

Healthcare Hero

healthcare hero

Any Virginia Mason Memorial staff member or volunteer can be nominated! Nominations are voted on by members of the My Impact committee.

Awardees receive a HealthCare Hero t-shirt, and have their picture taken for the HealthCare Hero recognition board at brief congratulatory celebration in their department.

Do you know a Healthcare Hero?

To nominate a colleague as a HealthCare Hero visit the intranet >>*

*Please note this link will only work if you are signed into Memorial's network on site.


Because Memorial is striving to create a healthy work environment, we have an on-site Inspire Coach to guide you in properly and efficiently rewarding your staff. Need ideas? Email Lindsey Nobbs or call at (509) 575-8096.

For more information about Reward and Recognition, please see our Inspire Program Overview »

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