All Electronic Documentation

The Provider Star Report

The Provider Star Report recognizes those who have met the criteria for six critical All Electronic metrics. View the stats >>

Our goal is to work together to reach 100% All Electronic documentation.

We'll be working through 3 phases, each spanning one month, with key focus areas for improvement. All systems are in place so that you can get started today.

We are pleased to assist you in the move to All Electronic with a new physician wireless network!

Benefits include:

  • A wireless network separate from the guest network, specifically for clinicians/physicians at Memorial.
  • Using your own devices-nearly any device can be connected.
  • Automatic login on campus (once your initial set-up is completed). Contact the Help Desk to obtain the wireless network's pre-shared key (password).
  • No network timing out due to inactivity.
  • Remote access with a virtual desktop. Most all devices are supported (Windows, Apple, and Android). Contact our Help Desk for details on which app you'll need to install on your device to access your virtual desktop in-house, or away from the Memorial network.

To be connected, please contact the Help Desk at x8175.

Phase 2 of All Electronic:

All medication orders (Chemo & TPN excluded), admission & discharge reconciliation

100% adoption by June 3, 2014

Education & training opportunities:

  • Schedule individual or group training by contacting the Help Desk at x8175.
  • Need help in the moment? Call Vocera (x5660) and say the word "Champion."
  • 4 new training videos (these videos contain screen shots - for optimal viewing, please click on the YouTube icon at the bottom right of the video and then click on the large-screen icon (not the full screen) again at the bottom right of the YouTube video

Basic order entry using Soarian CPOE Part 1

Basic order entry using Soarian CPOE Part 2

Medication Reconciliation

Discharge Reconciliation

Phase 1: Physician certification & patient placement (100% adoption by May 13, 2014)

All Electronic Training Video:

All Electronic Overview Video:

Continuing Support:

  • Schedule a time for 1 on 1 training by contacting the Help Desk at x 8175 or
  • Need help in the moment? Contact the Help Desk and someone will come to you.

If you are interested in adding your input to the All Electronic process, you are welcome to join the Physician Advisory Group (PAG) by contacting Kimberly Kautzman at or 575-8014.

Questions? Contact or

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