Organizational Leadership and Development

Memorial is committed to a constructive culture.

  • We value enthusiastic, innovative approaches to setting and achieving challenging goals, solving problems and providing high-quality service.
  • We place a high priority on constructive interpersonal relations and working relationships that are friendly, open and professional.
  • We provide ongoing growth and development to all staff, offering opportunities for each individual to develop their leadership capabilities.
  • We foster employee morale and wellness and promote a supportive environment.

Our organizational & leadership development department provides ongoing staff development activities that help every individual maximize their skills and potential to collectively maintain a constructive culture. To build workforce capability and capacity we provide:

Into the Blue

Based on the principle that all human action is based on how the mind works, Into the Blue helps individuals learn how they formed habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that may stand in the way of releasing their vast inner potential. Into the Blue is the basis for our constructive culture where everyone is achievement focused and leads from within their role.

Organizational communication: Temperament

Our communication program is about understanding yourself and others through the knowledge and application of temperament and interaction styles. It is based on the premise that people are different and successful working relationships are based on self-awareness, trust and perspective shifting.

Living Leadership

Living Leadership is based on the philosophy that leadership is a learned skill and is a transformational strategy that teaches how to create an environment where people can learn, grow and behave as responsible adults.

Clinical Skills Development

We continually strive for evidence-based best practices to enhance the care of our patients. Staff are supported in developing and maintaining clinical skill sets from onboarding, to regulatory courses, to skills fairs, etc.


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