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Employees First

What is ME 1st?

As healthcare providers and leaders in the community, it's important that we set an example. The ME 1st initiative is one way Memorial can put it's employees first and give every employee the opportunity to take care of their own health first.

What makes Memorial fit friendly?

Me 1st

  • Walking Maps - Maps with mileage and the estimated time it takes to walk them are available to Employees.
  • Fitness Clubs - Several area fitness clubs offer membership discounts for Memorial Employees.
  • Karate - Discounts are available for employees who wish to participate in Karate
  • Healthy Dietary Choices - The Memorial Café posts the calorie content for their daily entrees'. A "Heart Safe Entrée of the Day" is indicated by a heart Icon on the weekly menu, found on the intranet and at the café.
  • Mental Health - Employee Assistance Program (EAP) This program is designed for employees in need of assistance coping with difficult issues in their lives.
  • Smoking Cessation - Smoking Cessation support and assistance.

For Information regarding these programs contact Employee Health and Wellness, (509) 574-5830.

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