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Why did you go into Human Resources?


Laura Seaman (HR Business Partner): Memorial promotes a culture of teamwork and inspires people to thrive! I see evidence in that daily in Human Resources as we assist employees to reach their potential and employment goals. It is exciting to find the best fit for employees and managers. It is easy for me to market Memorial as a great place to work...because it is!


Kelly McQuerry (HR Business Partner): I obtained my Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration. When I went back for my Master's, I chose Management/Human Resource Management because of the people aspect as well as the variety of HR. I enjoy the interaction with a variety of people. I love my role as a Business Partner, especially the relationships I get to build with employees and Nurse Managers, while partnering with them to create a successful organization.


Natalie Gomez (HR Business Partner): I was inspired by the lovely professors at Central Washington University. Upon acceptance into the Business major, I decided to take a Human Resources Management class to see what it was all about (because I was clueless). Best decision I ever made! Had it not been for them, I don't think I'd be working with the GREATEST team!


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