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Provider wellness

The Yakima Valley Memorial Provider Wellness Program serves to enhance the well-being of physicians and those they serve.

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  • 60% of practicing practitioners will experience burnout at some point in their careers.
  • 5% of practitioners are impaired by substance abuse.
  • The suicide rate among female doctors is 130% higher than among women in general.

Wellness resources

  • Washington Physicians Health Program. WPHP's mission is to facilitate the rehabilitation of health-care professionals who have health conditions that could compromise patient safety and to monitor their recovery.
  • Washington State Medical Association. Programs and resources to help strengthen resilience and help you thrive professionally in today's health care environment.
  • Practice The Pause. When our emotions are high, like in times of stress, unhappiness, or fear, we tend to react without thinking. We don't take the time to consider what we're feeling or why. We let our emotions determine how we think, act, or engage with the world around us and that can make us feel even worse. By practicing the pause, we are encouraging ourselves to stop in the moment between a feeling and a reaction to think about what we're feeling and why. This pause allows us to understand what may be causing our reaction and choose how we want to respond. Buddhists call it the "Sacred Pause"—exploring the moment between a feeling and a reaction and choosing what comes next.

Test your wellness

Below are anonymous online self-test sites:

Email system

Dear provider, as we’ve been announcing over the last year, we are officially moving to the yvmh emails for ALL communications from Yakima Valley Memorial. You are receiving this notice as we have an alternative email currently listed as your primary email. This change goes into effect 1/11/2021, after which you will not receive any further communication to your personal or other work email address. I have attached a packet containing all the information you need to access your yvmh email, how to add it to your phone and how to access it from off-site.

Any and all questions or concerns regarding this change can be directed to the following officers:

This changes is a result of the 1/2020 Bylaws vote, which includes mandating the yvmh email as the primary mechanism for communicating all information from the hospital (to include reappointment applications), and that the individual is responsible for checking their email account with sufficient frequency to timely receive any notice, special notice, or other relevant communication sent to that account. No, we will not use your personal or other work email address, and no, we will not make any exceptions.

Please note that your login to access your email account is the same as accessing the hospital computer.

If you need additional assistance accessing your email account, please contact the IT Help Desk at 509.575.8175.

COVID-19 information

For staff, the latest COVID-19 news can be found on the Memorial intranet homepage.

What's up?

Check it out! Provider Directory on the homepage. We have now added all Physicians, ARNPs, PA-Cs and CRNAs listed in this directory!

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