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Safe Sitter

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Has your child been asking to stay home alone while you run errands? Are your neighbors asking if your child can babysit for them? Do they enjoy being with younger children? Do they want to babysit? Are they at least 11 years old? Then maybe it's time for Safe Sitter®.

Memorial has been offering Safe Sitter to the community since, 1995. The mission of Safe Sitter is to provide life skills, safety skills and child care training to all youth in order to build safer communities. Safe Sitter was started in 1980 by Dr. Patricia A. Keener. Learn more here

Safe Sitter is a 1-day course for boys and girls, ages 11-13, where they learn safe and nurturing childcare techniques, behavior management skills, and tips for handling emergencies when caring for children. Students will learn infant and child CPR and choking child rescue, but will not become CPR-certified.

Classes for 2019 are complete please check back next summer for our 2020 classes

Child Safety and Education classes

Fiesta de Salud

Fiesta De Salud

Fiesta de Salud started in 2007 and has grown to be the largest community health event in Yakima County. Participants enjoy free screenings, health information booths, activities, and presentations designed to educate the entire family about wellness, prevention and healthy lifestyles. The Fiesta de Salud is a fun filled day with family atmosphere that is enjoyed by thousands each year.

Services and activities

  • Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and Cholesterol Screenings at no charge
  • Osteoporosis Screening
  • Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic will host a Dental Care Clinic for children.
  • Participate in family friendly obstacle course, Zumba and other physical activities by Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital
  • Over 50 local community services represented in vendor booths

Become a vendor?

You are invited to join with Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital, Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic, Fiesta Foods, and numerous other healthcare agencies to bring this one-of-a-kind health event to the community. Participation in Fiesta de Salud will offer valuable exposure for your organization and promote your services to over 4,000 community members in Yakima County. There are three participation levels with multiple recognition opportunities and benefits to suit your needs.

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Farmers Market at Memorial!

Virginia Mason Memorial hosts a farmers market on its hospital campus. Find out more »

Please contact cindyparkey@yvmh.org for an application and guidelines.

Kohl's Healthy For Life

Because we want you to be healthy for life, Virginia Mason Memorial and Kohl's Cares has teamed up to bring you Healthy For Life, a program dedicated to bring you FREE exercise and cooking classes

Kohl's Cares Hospital Partner

Kohl's partners with more than 160 hospitals nationwide to help educate kids and their parents about topics such as injury prevention, healthy lifestyle, immunization, asthma, and infant care. We support community outreach programs focused on issues affecting kids and work with our hospital partners to tailor the programs based on their community's individual needs.

Food for Life: Education Alliance Program

Discover which foods are optimal for weight management and learn how to prepare affordable, low fat foods. Certified instructors prepare delicious and satisfying recipes with opportunity to sample the food while you learn about the nutritional benefits of a plant based diet. Various classes such as Foods for Weight Management and How Foods Fight Diabetes are offered several times per year. Call 509 249-5317 for information on the next available class.

Children's Wellness Programs

ACT! Get Up, Get Moving

Call: (509)225-3178

Ready for a healthy change? Looking for ways to help your child eat well and be more active? ACT! is a healthy lifestyle program for overweight children/teens 8-14 years of age, and their parent/guardian.

ACT! is an evidence based program that models nutrition and physical activity behaviors that your family can put into action right away.

Hear what local people have to say about the ACT! Program

Coaches CPR Program

Stay tuned for announcements of forthcoming CPR classes.

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