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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Achieving racial equity, advancing diversity and fostering genuine inclusion and belonging: Toward achieving equitable outcomes for the future of health care.

Commitment to racial equity, diversity and inclusion must go deeper than words, which is why we have this commitment incorporated into goals at the strategic level, and we are purposefully investing to move this work forward to achieve racial outcomes. We know we have more work to do and are inspired and committed to support an inclusive and equitable environment for our workforce, patients, and community.

To do this well, we need a workforce that is representative of the racial and other demographics of our community, including at the executive level. Currently, we are taking the time to educate ourselves, as individuals and collectively, to truly understand individual, institutional and structural racism. We know that we can only build an inclusive culture, when people feel valued, appreciated, are part of decision-making that impacts them and free to be who they are at work. And that this makes us all better and benefits us all!

Actions we have taken this past year:

  • We have focused on interpersonal development and intercultural competence
  • Committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce
  • Working to create a culture that encourages each other to have courageous conversations about racism. Where people feel they can bring their whole selves to work; where their unique characteristics, skills and experiences are respected, valued, and celebrated.
  • Committed to achieving equity in the following: Diabetes and HbA1c, mammography screenings, patient experience, and employee engagement


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