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The Picture of Health, Virginia Mason Memorial's monthly television show, airing monthly on YCTV, featuring current health topics and news.

The March edition of "The Picture of Health" began airing this week, and features some of the great kids in this year's YouthWorks pageants, along with program coordinator Sarah Morgan from The Memorial Foundation. We also take a walk around campus with Kate Gottlieb, Memorial's Sustainability and Wellbeing Coordinator.

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Stroke Awareness Month »

poh-9 (7K)

Let's talk about YouthWorks and visit with Kate Gottlieb to talk about recycling and sustainability at VMM »

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Heart Health with cardiologist Dr. Dave Krueger and a heart attack survivor who has changed his ways »

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Chicken Soup, the Flu and You »

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Winter safety tips, and a visit with Pam Edwards of VMM's gift shop »

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Hospice and Palliative Care: Let's talk about end-of-life issues with Laurie Jackson »

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: We talk to survivor Susie and her husband Jeff »

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Men's Health with Dr. Tanny Davenport and a real man »

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Run for your Health with experts from Virginia Mason Memorial »

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Virginia Mason Memorial's Diabetes Prevention Program with Lori Gibbons »

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