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Meet our physicians

Memorial Physicians have a wide breadth and depth of medical and clinical expertise. They also have interesting personalities, philosophies, hobbies and community involvement. Please take a moment to meet some of our physicians and learn more about what makes them similar and unique in how they chose a career in medicine, approach working with patients and why they enjoy living in Yakima.

Ryan Black

Ryan Black, DO

Yakima Ear, Nose & Throat
Uzma Ramzan

Uzma Ramzan, MD

Memorial Sleep Center
Henry Kim

Henry Kim, MD

Water's Edge
Ross Bethel

Ross Bethel, MD

Selah Family Medicine
Ankur Rana

Ankur Rana, MD

Pacific Crest Family Medicine
Tanny Davenport

Tanny Davenport, MD

Family Medicine of Yakima
Lorena Demarco Garcia

Lorena DeMarco Garcia, MD

Yakima Vascular Associates
Daniel Doornink

Daniel Doornink, MD

Cornerstone Medicine
Sylvia Labes

Sylvia Labes, MD

Cornerstone Medicine
Ryan Moultray

Ryan Moultray, DO

Selah Family Medicine
Carl Olden

Carl Olden, MD

Pacific Crest Family Medicine
Jeffrey Ventre

Jeffrey Ventre, MD

Lakeview Spine
Vicky Jones

Vicky Jones, MD

North Star Lodge
Martin Bäcker

Martin Bäcker, MD

Cornerstone Medicine
Sean Mullin

Sean Mullin, DO

Lakeview Spine
Robert Williams

Robert Williams, MD

Yakima Gastroenterology Associates
Amanda Ryder

Amanda Ryder, MD

Family Medicine of Yakima
Kristin Larson

Kristin Larson, MD

Apple Valley Family Medicine
David Pommer

David Pommer, MD

Selah Family Medicine
Bob Krauth

Bob Krauth, MD

Family Medicine of Yakima
Daniel Kwon

Daniel Kwon, MD

Water's Edge
David Doornink

David Doornink, MD

Cornerstone Medicine

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