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Bob Krauth, MD

Bob Krauth works for Family Medicine of Yakima and firmly believes the most important thing is helping others live a better life. Having previously worked as an engineer, Bob realized that he wanted to go to medical school after volunteering as a counselor at camps for people who have cancer. He believes that being able to relate to someone and become their friend while treating them is more important than just being able to read them their lab results. One of his greatest joys is when patients tell him that he's not just their doctor, but he's their friend as well.

  1. What inspired you to choose medicine as a career?
    I was an engineer working with machines all day and I realized that I wanted to work with people more. I had volunteered as a counselor at camps for kids who had cancer. I realized after one of those camps that I wanted to go to medical school. I was thirty-six when I started medical school.
  2. Do you have a philosophy or approach to working with patients?
    Listening to people is really important. One of the biggest complaints you get from patients is that the physician didn't listen to them. Frequently someone will come in and you may think, "Oh, I've seen him before for this same condition, and I know what we need to do," but when you're sitting and talking with them, you find out that there are a lot different things going on. That's why it's so important to listen to each patient.
  3. What do you appreciate most about the doctors and staff you work with?
    Memorial Family of Services is really nice in that everyone works together. At my previous job, if you sent someone to a specialist, you didn't really have a personal connection with them. You may get information back. One of the things I really like in Yakima - and I think being in a smaller town really enforces this - is that everyone has to work together.
  4. What do you like about Yakima?
    One of the specific things I really liked about Yakima was Children's Village. I have four kids that were all adopted and have special needs. A big reason we chose to stay here was because of Children's Village and the services they offer. Children's Village provides education for families. They share how you can keep families healthy and how you can work with kids who have issues or problems. That extends into a lot of other areas within the Memorial system. A big part of getting healthier involves education and I think that Memorial does a really good job of providing different classes for the community.
  5. Tell me a little known fact about you or talk about what you like to do outside of work.
    Outside of medicine, I like car racing. My fifteen-year-old races quarter midget cars so we go with her to do that. We like camping and I also do a lot of work on my house. I bought an old house that needed a lot of work so that keeps me busy. I also bought a small orchard so I'm learning how to take care of apple trees. I also enjoy a little bit of woodworking and reading.

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