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Val, X-ray Technologist



How many kids hear the question: What do you want to be when you grow up? As an x-ray technologist at `Ohana, Memorial’s Mammography Center, Val enjoys coming to work everyday. When Val was a junior in high school, she participated in a medical career course that gave her hands-on experience at Memorial Hospital. Val was hooked! “Radiology struck me in a way that made me crave for more knowledge in the field,” says Val.

In her quest to becoming an x-ray technologist, she specialized in radiology, earning her Associate of Science degree from Yakima Valley Community College. Val worked as an x-ray technologist for 13 years before continuing her education to dedicate herself to mammography. Val received her certification in mammography and started working at ‘Ohana.


Val and her husband Tim, find themselves in a select group of pet owners, raising miniature donkeys in addition to dogs, cats, and horses. Val and Tim have two children, a daughter and a son. Val says they enjoy living on acreage outside of Yakima. “The country gives us room to run and the kids’ space to play,” she says.

What she Loves About Working at Memorial

Val appreciates the teamwork and camaraderie she feels working at ‘Ohana. “My co-workers are great. Going to work is like spending time with a family, where everyone works together to help our patients,” says Val.

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