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Paul, Information Systems



For the past eight years, Paul has been a part of Memorial's Information Systems (IS). Paul started as an Application Analyst and is now Clinical Applications Supervisor and CPOE Project Manager.

"Memorial is making a huge investment in technology and it's exciting to be part of the team that's bringing those decisions to life," Paul says. "IS used to be seen as a support department, but in recent years, it has really moved to the forefront and is at the center of almost every project at the hospital." He says he especially appreciates that a great deal of consideration goes into selecting and implementing new technologies at Memorial. "Memorial's commitment to technology is an extension of our commitment to patient care. The applications and systems being implemented directly impact the patient's experience and care, and it's an honor to be a part of this exciting time."

Home life

Paul grew up in Grandview, WA and he and his wife, Lena, share a love of adventure from participating in outdoor sports to traveling extensively. Paul and Lena has been to almost every state in the USA. They also love international travel and have been planning their next trip to Rome. Paul and Lena have a 4 year old son, Logan and yes he travels with them. He has already been to Hawaii, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, and California. "As soon as he can carry his own back pack, he'll be coming with us to Europe." Paul says.

When they are not traveling or planning a trip, Paul enjoys online video gaming and learning to play the electric guitar from co-worker Rob Waller.

Why he loves working for Memorial

"The best thing about working for Memorial is being part of such a terrific team. I work with amazing, professional people in my department who are real experts in their field," he says. Paul says that nothing they do as a department would get done without everyone collaborating and coming together as a team. "The projects we work on are so big for the number of staff we have and it takes a real interdisciplinary team to be successful. Every day I am inspired to learn new technologies. It makes my job exciting because I can count on the fact that as busy as we are today, we have even bigger projects ahead."

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