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Infusion Care

Contact: (509) 575-1174

Office hours are 8am - 6pm M-F
Treatment hours are 8.30am - 8.30pm seven days per week.
We have on-call nursing staff 24/7.

Advances in biotechnology, equipment and medicine have come together to allow Memorialís Infusion Care Team to serve patients with greater convenience and safety than ever before. Infusion care allows medications to be administered directly into the bloodstream. This care can be delivered in the convenience and privacy of a patientís home, in our outpatient facility or in long-term care settings.

Memorialís Infusion Care Team provides skilled expertise and education in the areas of IV, pharmacy and nutrition to maximize a patientís quality of life.

Infusion therapies include:

  • Total parenteral (e.g., intravenous) nutrition.
  • Enteral nutrition therapy (e.g. oral or tube feedings).
  • Hydration therapy.
  • IV antibiotics.
  • Pain management.
  • Heparin.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Other medications.

The Infusion Care team includes an internal medicine physician (who functions as medical director), along with specially trained pharmacists, experienced IV nurses and registered dietitians. They work together to develop a safe and effective plan for adult and pediatric patients. For medically complex patients, infusion care offers freedom and flexibility, as well as a cost-effective alternative to hospitalization.

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