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Heart & Vascular Lab

Heart & Vascular Lab

Memorial’s cardiac catheterization lab performs diagnostic and treatment services, enabling hospital staff to treat most patients who may have suffered a heart attack.

When patients experience shortness of breath, chest pain or other symptoms of a heart attack, and they visit the emergency department, their physician may request an EKG, a heart monitor that detects an irregular heartbeat, among other things. These results will allow physicians to determine if the patient requires advanced tests, including a heart catheterization in which contrast material is injected to view coronary (heart) and peripheral (outside the heart) arteries.

Currently, our skilled cardiologists and cardiac staff treat emergency patients in the midst of a heart attack, as well as short-stay patients coming in for scheduled diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. These include:

For patients who receive a heart catheterization as part of a diagnostic study, physicians will review the findings and discuss the best plan for treatment, which will either be done at the time or at a later appointment. Patients who have been scheduled for heart catheterization should check in through admitting. All tests are performed as a result of physician referral.

Memorial's catheterization lab includes these services:

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