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Heart & Vascular Care

Memorial Institute for Heart and Vascular Health

Though cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, many people are unaware that for many, the disease is both modifiable and preventable.

Memorial’s heart and vascular department is a center of excellence where our team of physicians, nurses, technicians and educators combines compassionate care with sophisticated technology to provide comprehensive, quality care for patients and families.

The Institute for Heart and Vascular Health combines prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Prevention encompasses identifying risk factors for heart disease and providing education to assist patients in changing their lifestyles in order to maintain a healthy heart. Services in this area may include the provision of heart checks, blood pressure screening, stop-smoking classes and diabetes education.

The diagnosis phase involves Memorial’s team working to identify any heart or vascular problems. This is achieved by using a broad range of techniques ranging from noninvasive procedures to advanced surgical care such as cardiac catheterization.

Appropriate treatment is identified and delivered from our range of services dependent on the diagnosis. Treatment includes the use of evidence-based care through the use of protocols.

Memorial meets your heart and vascular needs

The Institute for Heart and Vascular Health provides a comprehensive range of services, including educational services that help identify risk factors for heart disease, assist patients in changing their lifestyles, provide opportunity for patients to get regular heart checks and blood pressure screening, and alert the public about smoking-cessation classes and diabetes education. To learn more about key factors that influence heart disease, visit the American Heart Association.

The hospital is active in prevention and detection while the cardiology department provides care ranging from cardiac catheterization to advanced surgical care. Our services comprise some of the most up-to-date techniques available including:

Acute and Interventional Care

Supportive Care

Prevention and Education

Utilizing the latest in medical technology, Memorial’s cardiology department provides its patients with the opportunity for improved clinical outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

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