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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab

Contact: (509) 576-7650

Address: Suite #208, 406 S. 30th Avenue, Yakima, WA 98902

Cardiac rehabilitation (also called cardiac rehab) is a medically supervised program of exercise, education and support for people with heart disease to improve their health.

Heart Advantage

Memorial's Heart Advantage Team

Cardiac rehabilitation involves a long term commitment from the patient and a team of health care providers. Our team includes doctors (such as your primary care doctor, your surgeon, and a cardiologist who will monitor your plan and progress), specially trained cardiac rehab nurses, and dietitians or nutritionists. This team also includes a care coordinator who will track your care and navigate insurance concerns.

Who uses a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program?

Many people of all ages who have heart conditions can benefit if they have had a:

What You Can Expect from Cardiac Rehabilitation:

What are the benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Are there Risks associated with Cardiac Rehabilitation?

The lifestyle changes you will make have few risks. At first, physical activity is safer in the rehab setting than at home. Your team will watch you to make sure you're safe; checking your blood pressure during your exercise training and using an EKG (electrocardiogram) to monitor how your heart reacts and adapts to exercise. After some training, most people learn to exercise safely at home.

Exercise training may not be safe for all patients. People who have very high blood pressure or severe heart disease may not be ready to exercise.

Very rarely, serious problems occur during physical activity-we have an emergency response team including cardiologists and nurses available. Ask your doctor whether cardiac rehabilitation is for you-physician referral is required in order to obtain insurance coverage. We will work with your insurance carrier to secure coverage. Referral forms available on our website at

Educational classes are offered at no charge to the public, on various days each month. Memorial's Cardiac Rehabilitation & Wellness Center, 406 South 30th Ave, Yakima - 2nd Floor. Visit or call 509-576-7650 for upcoming class dates, times and titles. No registration needed.

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