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Campus Master Plan

Memorial's campus master plan is designed to meet the expanding health care needs of Yakima in the years to come. On this page you will find not only those plans but also avenues for you to continue to provide us feedback as we move forward with our plan.

Why a Campus Master Plan?

The Yakima Valley is a growing community and health care technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. That's why Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has developed a Campus Master Plan to assure our community has the capacity to meet its future medical needs. We collaborated with our neighbors and created a 30-year Campus Master Plan that meets the needs of our community and our neighbors. Memorial has been serving the health needs of the community since 1950. Since then, Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital has grown and evolved to meet the needs of the growing Yakima Valley communities. This is evidenced by the fact that when the original hospital building was built on Tieton Drive it was actually located outside the City of Yakima! Over time in an effort to continue to serve the needs of the community, the Hospital has added new services, renovated the original facilities, and constructed new facilities on the main campus and at satellite locations throughout Yakima County. Today, Memorial is a 225-bed, not-for-profit hospital with more than 130,000 patient visits annually. Our service area now includes more than 250,000 people and that number is expected to increase as the community grows. In response to rapid changes in the field of health care and a realization that the main campus was reaching its capacity, the Board of Directors authorized an assessment of future needs and the preparation of a Master Plan to guide the growth and development of the Hospital through the year 2040. The goals for the master planning process included:

1. Prepare a Campus Master Plan to guide growth and development activities through the year 2040.

2. Create an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional campus environment.

3. Remain a good neighbor.