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Keith, Dietary Cook


Keith Sargent

Memorial’s Café is a five-sensory restaurant that serves homemade soups along with signature lunch and dinner recipes. The Café is also known for its phenomenal customer service and teamwork. You can thank Keith, among others, for these delicious dishes and great customer service. Having stumbled upon a career in food services, Keith has looked forward to creating delicious and healthy meals at Memorial’s Café for the past 15 years. "Many people encourage me to cook simply because they think I am good at it," says Keith. Lucky for us his talent is something he also really enjoys. Keith devotes his work day to Memorial in the morning to ensure that he can spend time with his family in the afternoon and evenings.

Home Life

Keith and his wife Cindy have three children; Elizabeth, Lacy, and Bryce. Cindy works at Valley Imaging, a member of Memorial’s Family of Services. Keith and Cindy value spending time together as a family. They spend time during the summer hiking and boating at Bumping Lake, near Chinook pass.

Keith’s interest in boating stemmed from his childhood; he has been collecting remote control boats for the past 30 years. He also enjoys working with a buddy at an elephant ear stand at events such as Selah Community Days and the Moxee Hop Festival.

Why he Loves Working for Memorial

Keith enjoys meeting people that come through his line at the Café. He challenges himself to learn their names and anticipate menu items his regulars request frequently. "If I know someone who always requests an omelet and bacon in the morning to go, I will reach for the skillet as soon as I see them in line," says Keith with a smile.

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