Board of Trustees

For six decades, the dedication of Memorial's Board of Trustees has contributed to making the Yakima Valley a place that offers premier health care to all. These community members have worked diligently to ensure quality health care in our region. With gratitude and admiration, we salute their devotion and vision for our quality of life.

  • Jim Berg
    James Berg, Chairman
  • Scott Wagner
    Scott Wagner, Vice-Chairman
  • William Feldmann
    William Feldmann, MD, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ross Katz
    Ross Katz
  • Buffy Alegria
    Buffy Alegria
  • David Hargraves
    David Hargreaves
  • Lisa Shields Long
    Lisa Shields Long
  • Craig Mendenhall
    Craig Mendenhall
  • Brian Padilla
    Brian Padilla
  • Keith Riffe
    Keith Riffe
  • Duane Rossman
    Duane Rossman
  • Sonia Rodriguez True
    Sonia Rodriguez True
  • Roger Vielbig
    Roger Vielbig, MD
  • Gail Weaver
    Gail Weaver
  • Russ Myers
    Russ Myers

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